About Us

Prairie House Gallery (R) is an onlline art gallery featuring works of art by both Native American artists and by other artists. We decided to start PrairieHouseGallery (R) because of our love of beauty.  It gave us a chance to turn our passion for beauty into a small online buisness. 

 We understand that if something does not sell, we must absorb the item into our own collections.  Therefore, when you buy from Prairie House, you are buying our tastes. When we purchase, we purchase quality for just that reason. We purchase our items from reputable sources, and we use our own backgrounds in art to ensure that you will have a good buying experience from us.

Prairie House Gallery  (R) is committed to finding quality items, and we are determined to present them to you at a fair price.  We keep our prices down by doing our own buying, and by working exclusively on line. 

Prairie House Gallery (R) has also instituted a green-gallery policy that includes the purchase of carbon off-sets to help offset our personal and professional carbon footprints.  For a more complete picture of our environmental policies, please see our environmental statement .

We are celbrating our third year as an online gallery, and we hope to be here for many more.  Enjoy your visit to our halls. Browsers always welcome.