Shopping Tips


Or: How I Would Do It

Shopping on line can be a bit like getting lost in the world's largest mall. So many choices, and so many people offering every imaginable product can boggle the mind! Is there some way to make it just a bit easier? Here are a few ideas.

1. Bookmark stores or products that you like. Feel free to rename the bookmarks (favorites menu). Make the bookmark as specific for the product as possible, not just the home page of the store. That way, you can find the store AND the product again with ease, even if you've lost the connection.

2. Use multiple tabs or windows for comparison shopping. That way, you can compare products, warranties, and other points that are relevant to your decision. Keep in mind, however, you can probably reduce shipping prices if you buy from a single store. Many stores, including PHG, will combine or reduce shipping costs on some items. (Our system will give you the bill if everything were purchaced separately, but our invoice will reflect the combined shipping price.  Please be patient and wait for the invoice if your order more than one item.)

3. Use a a folder in the favorite's list, a text file or a spread sheet to keep track of products, stores, and URLS (web page addresses) when you comparison shop. That way, you will have a handy record in an order that is logical for you. (You can also store that info in a cryptic file such as "Spaghetti Sauce Receipt" to keep it from the prying eyes of snoopy household members.)

4.Take advantage of the shopping basket option, but with some caution! Most shopping baskets, including the PHG basket, allow you to delete items that you decide not to purchase. By using the basket, you can organize your wish list in one location. When you are ready to check out, you need only review your list, delete the items that you do not want, and proceed to the check out. One caution: If you decide not to buy, be certain to empty your cart! In many systems, the items in the cart remain off the shelf until the cart is emptied. Leaving a full cart is as tacky on line as it is at the grocery store. (We don't have this problem, but some stores do.) Also, with some systems, products in the cart may generate an invoice that you do not want to get. Holding onto an item is a useful tool, but please don't abuse it.

5. If purchacing Native American or Canadian First Nation arts, be certain that they are authentic!  Indian art is a multi-million dollar a year buisness, but only a fraction of that is in real Native American and Native Canadian art.  Prairie House Gallery (R) sells authentic Native American Art works.  We lable, whenever possible, the First Nation of Origin right on our Certificate of Authenticity, along with a photograph of the item.

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