Portrait Restorations

Professional Portrait Restoration
by Ken Kelling.

(Sorry, but no new commissions are being taken until August!)

Ken Kelling, restores antique photographs with an eye toward original intent. He developed his skills of digitally restoring antique portraits that have suffered the damages of time and wear.  The examples shown on this page include restored portraits date from the 1860s to the early 1940s. and originate from a variety of locations across the US, Canada, and Europe.

When purchasing one of his please understand that they are restored reproductions and not changes to the original antique image.  Many hours and intensive labor go into the proper restoration of these photos to bring a print with exceptionally fine detail and clarity.

Ken Kelling does also works on a commission basis. He does this work himself and does not subcontract any of the labor.  The cost of the restoration depends upon the condition and size of the original photograph. His charges are based upon the hours of labor required to restore the image. He isn't cheap, but the results are good. You may contact him through the gallery at  PrairieHouseGallery@gmail.com