We protect those trees that bear us fruit.

      -Vietnamese Proverb

Into Ice Skating? Need to find a really good skate sharpener?

Then get an edge on the competition with sharp skates.

Try http://skates360.com/, a company dedicated to giving you the edge by sharpening blades .

Above (detail 3 closer)
Shadows Cast and Lonesome Prayers


Looking for images you can use for various projects? Visit Wikimedia Commons. Some of their items are copyright free or out of copyright. Other items are copyrighted but donated with a fair-use kind of licence that lets you use the images on projects you create with the same licence. The link below will take you to photos by one of our contributors.

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Visit Ms. Readey's Spotlight Page on LuLu!

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 Welcome to

  Prairie House Gallery®!

June 11, 2015

!H A P P Y   S U M M E R!

 As is usual, we are not selling products during the first part of the summer.  We encourage you to support our artists and ideas we love by visiting the links below!

We found a really cool 3-D printer for under $400 US, and we have chosen to share it with you.  The M3D 3D Printer is the first one we've seen at this kind of a price.

We will also suggest other gallery sites that carry similar materials to what we have carried in the past.  We hope that these choices will tide you over until we can again expand our mission. 

We continue our committment to Kiva.org, and we invite you to visit our lender page at http://www.kiva.org/lender/marijo4657.  

We have the link for Ms. Sandra Sula's website.  She is a former Praire House artist who now has her own gallery (see below).  She has added some more work in the last month.  Also, one of our artists has just published her first books of poetry.  Click on the link below to see her work in a different medium.

Marijo Readey has also opened a page on Redbubble.  The works sold there are on photographic papers, not on art paper, but they can give you a less expensive alternative to the pigment images sold at Prairie House. Also, Redbubble gives you a chance to have one of her images printed on other media, such as a skirt, string sack, or even a bedspread!

Prairie House Gallery (TM) continues it committment to all of the arts.  As such, we are also pleased to support Skates360, a professional skate-sharpening service located north of Chicago.  Well sharpened blades are as critical to a skater as a good gears and well lubed hubs are to a bike.  With the winter skating season at its peak and an increased awareness due to the Winter Olympics, now is the time to improve your performance by investing in your blades. 

If you are in the Chicagoland area, we also encourage you to visit a the mural by artist and paleontologist, Robert Sula, at the  Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art in Elmhurst Illinois. All 11 species in the painting are meticulous reproductions of fossils from the Devonian era Bundenbach ecosystem in Germany. This formation is a lagerstatten, a site where soft-bodied organisms also fossilized.

Thank you for visiting!  


 Mrs. Burk, The book of Poetry by M. Readey, and her other book of poetry, Shadows Cast and Lonesome Prayers, can be found on her LuLu page. The stand-alone story, The Box of Poems can also be found there.  She hopes to soon release another book called A Sample of My Work.  We'll keep you updated.


         Mrs. Burk      Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.   Shadows Cast and Lonesome Prayers

The following short story, The Box of Poems, by the same author is now available as an ebook for $0.99 US.  The author has copyrighted the story, but has opted not to copy protect it.  If you purchase it, and you like it, you are free to share it with others.  Happy Holidays from her.

 Box of Poems

 Noble International University: Devoted to Environmental Peace

Above (detail 3 closer)

Mrs. Burk

Box of Poems